Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh happy blog!

A certain weatherman I work with asked me today, rather seriously, "are you okay?" 

I nodded.

"No, really," he prodded, "are you OKAY?"

Yes, I really am!  Especially after today  (more on that in a minute).

Apparently, he'd read my last couple blog posts and thought I was like a depressed, suicidal mess or something. 

I'm not.  Not today.  But moms, as you know, it's a day-to-day process, which fluctuates.  I wish I were more steady, no matter the occasion (don't we all?).  But the reality is, a lot of time mood is based upon the terrible-two-meltdowns and splattered milk or the amazing, happy moments at the park and times like today with the kids, chasing the geese.

Or reading Dr. Seuss to the hundreds of children at the Clinton Library this morning. 

My kids were in the audience, previewing my book before I started reading.   

Or the ladybug that landed on sweet girl's hand.

Or precious boy climbing at the playground.

Today was a brilliant, happy day.  And I'll take it!  Happily.  Lovingly.  Openly.  Knowing the next meltdown (mine and theirs) is right around the corner...

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