Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PreK: To School or Not to School?

Oh my gosh.  If there is anything that makes you wanna rip your hair out, it's making the right choice about school.  How early to start?  Which school?  Public or private?  Half-day?  Whole-day?  All week or just a few days a week? 

Of all the choices we make involving our children, I feel like this one is perhaps the most anxiety-producing of all.  Yesterday kicked-off open enrollment in the Little Rock School District, and January is typically the time to make decisions about the next school year.

My 4-year old is ready for PreK, and I'm making the decision to put him in.  He's had some other preschool education, and he seems to do really well with structure and learning (things I am certain I wouldn't be as good at providing at home).  That said, I judge no one for keeping their child home.  It is an incredibly personal choice, and each child is different.
Me and Jackson on his 4th birthday

What is it about this though?  So much pressure...  Is it the idea that we want our children to have better opportunities than we had?  Is it a competitive thing?  After all, if so-and-so started their child in PreK, we should do the same, right?   Are we worried as parents we may not do the "right" thing?  And what is that anyway?

Share your thoughts -- I want to know to PreK or not to PreK?


  1. I think part of it is wanting our children to excel more than we did and have the opportunities we think we may have squandered. I have a 30 year-old who suffered from having a perfectionist, overachieving mommy. And daddy was not much better. Like you, I say that preschool education and the intensity of it is an individual decision. You might even decide that it's good for one child, but not the other. The important thing is to let them have a childhood. There is plenty of time for homework and tests and all the pressures of getting an education.

  2. I am a mother of two girls and my oldest will be four in November. I have been fortunate enough to have my mother in-law to care for my daughters during the day while I work. My oldest has always excelled all of her milestones..As a family we have worked with her and made teaching fun. Her Dr. told me that her motor-skills and speech is better than most three years old! She knows her abc's, numbers, colors, shapes and even some simple math. For a three year old her reasoning skills are outstanding. With that being said, I am still looking forward to placing her in a preK class. Not only do I think that it's important to have education before starting kindergarten, I think it's healthy for her to have social interaction with other children. Right now my child doesn't play or interact with other children every single day and I think that's very important. I want her to get used to that before her first day of school. Plus, I want her to be used to having a school room structure. I am all for preK!