Monday, February 2, 2015

The Why

Confession: I wanted to crawl right back into bed after school drop-off. Just for 30 minutes.

Confession: I crawled back into bed after drop-off.  For an hour.  Maybe two.

It's Monday after all. Had the best weekend, and I was tired. Our team lost the Super Bowl. The house was so quiet, with precious puppy in the bed at my feet. And anyone who knows me knows how much I love my sleep.

But then I hear my late cowboy -grandfather's voice creep in to my slumber - "Life is for the living, you can sleep when you're dead!" He said that so many times, I lost count. He would have his boots on, our horses saddled and ready to go, and I would still be in bed.

I do think sleep is one of the great miracle cures. Behind love and laughter of course. Cure-alls for most anything.

But lately I've been wanting and needing more sleep. Maybe because it's winter, cold, dreary. Doesn't really matter.  It's just that I'm having to talk myself away from the pillow, answering the questions I so effortlessly ask for a living. Especially the why. Why get up? Why put one foot in front of the other each day?  Why do this?  What is the meaning anyway?

Despite life's messes and it's sometimes-inexplicable encounters and experiences, all the times it didn't turn out like I hoped (it usually turned out better), my why is always my children.

I could not imagine a day without them. Could not imagine a day without love, really. It truly is what makes it all worthwhile. Loving each other along the way.  I include a handful more souls, not pictured here (and you know who you are) who, without their presence, I don't know where or who I would be. In any time of confusion, life always circles me back to love.   All the rest is just noise and laughter.  Reasons to justify the why.

So just before I got my lazy bones up, that quiet voice within that speaks so loudly, told me to close my eyes, go back to bed, and stop thinking so much! 

So just before I got my lazy bones up, that quiet voice within that speaks so loudly, reminded me yet again of all the answers I know in my heart to the question of why.   "Life is for the living."  Get up!  Love above all else.  Laugh every chance you get.   And sleep so sweetly when the day is done. 

It is always enough.  

What is your why?

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  1. Beautifully written. My family sometimes gets so frustrated with my many "whys."