Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sweetness That Made It All Better

This is what made everything OK....

Made me forget the entire cup of coffee that went flying inside my car...  the 4-year old caught with toddler scissors about to cut a chunk of his hair... the 2-year old melting down because, well, because she's 2.  It made me forget about the children who were refusing to follow directions, refusing to get dressed, refusing to brush teeth.  Made me forget about the dog-poop in the house, the sweet child who mildly wet his bed and the sheets that had to be washed and changed all before 9 a.m.  Made me forget about the sore throat/sinus mess/upper respiratory infection that keeps beating me down.  Made me forget that we were nearly 30 minutes late to tumble class because of this morning from hell.  Made me forget about the not-proud mommy moment where I laid on the floor, threw my hands up, and cried actual tears.  At which point my daughter came and said, "don't cry, mommy. it'll be ok," and then patted me on the head.

I think it was the 'holding hands' that got me when I looked at them.  The sweetness that made me drop the "poor-me" story-line I was reading myself all morning long.  That made me know and feel in my heart that all of it --ALL OF IT-- was worth this one sweet moment.  I am grateful today for this.

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  1. Them little moments you will never forget and yes everybody has these days! But them moments makes it worth it ALL! :-) 2Corinthians 12:9